Take action

In the boxes below are a number of actions you can take to help the people of West Papua.

Sign the Avaaz petition calling for journalists to be allowed into West Papua

Sign the new petition released by the global campaigning community Avaaz calling on the Indonesian President to allow foreign journalists into West Papua.

Ask your UK MP to join the All Party Parliamentary Group

Call for all UK supporters to contact their MP and ask them to join the All Party Parliamentary Group on West Papua.

Text the Papuan police chief to free the KNPB activists

Four KNPB activists, including Victor Yeimo the Chairman, have been arrested and tortured at a peaceful demonstration on 13th May. Text the Papuan police chief calling for their release.

Build political support

Ask your political representative to join the International Parliamentarians for West Papua (IPWP) and call for the UN to recognise West Papua's right to independence.

Spread the word

We need to get the voices of the people of West Papua heard around the world. Join in their cry for freedom "Papua Medeka!".

Stop the attacks on the KNPB

Call on the Indonesian authorities to recognise the KNPB as a peaceful organisation with a legitimate right to express their desire for West Papuan independence.

Support West Papuan prisoners

West Papua has become a "prison island". Join our campaign to free political prisoners and find out how you can write to and support those suffering behind bars.